Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Matron and Virgin

Matron is Puzzled 

StTwitters Efficiency Office (The EffOff) has circulated a memo that suggests that Virgin Care is a way forward. 

Now as far as Matron is concerned this has always been the case - this is part of St TWITTERS rich tradition and ritual. It would be inconceivable that any of the Nursing Staff were anything but Virgins, it could not be tolerated any other way.

Indeed - at St Twitters patient care was pure and untainted by the foul touch of the politician and accountant. And so it will remain - a Haven for the the Nursing Profession - and our Noble Medical Seniors.


As our Noble Patron Sister Plume is want to say.

"'Plan for the worst', is a safe maxim."

"The Welfare of our Patients is at stake."

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